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Varanasi Destination

Varanasi - Amalgamation of Spirituality and Religion
This ancient Indian city is a significant religious place of Hindus. Varanasi is believed to the world's oldest inhabited city that is specifically visited for spiritual enlightenment. The culture of this city is deeply interconnected with the river Ganges flowing across it. As such, the place is of so much religious importance. This time immemorial religious entity has various temples to visit. The rich history of Varanasi dates back to the Buddhist Jatakas & Mahabharata epic tales. This wonderful lineage of the city is surrounded by numerous legends & myths.

Silks to Ghats and then Temples
Ganga Ghats is a popular tourist destination in Varanasi wherein bathing is considered as a way to attain salvation from sins. Also addressed as Benaras, Varanasi is widely known for its temple heritage. Amongst them the most popular ones are the Kashi Vishwanath temple or the Golden temple and the temple of Durga, which has earned the name of 'monkey temple' due to the presence of so many monkeys around. Experience the thrilling boat ride through the Ghats of Holy Ganges, which will make your visit fruitful. Another important place there of Sarnath is the timeless quality Buddhist destination.

Benaras delights
Visit this city during the festive-season that is September to December when the rich culture of Banaras is most buoyant. This is the best time to visit the classic & folk cultural programs held during the occasion. Visitors can also enjoy the huge open concert of music in the Sankat Mochan temple which attracts connoisseurs from across the globe. The city also offers opportunities for the shopaholics.

The city of Varanasi is also known for its quality silk. You can get exclusive Benaras specialty comprising beaded glassware, zari work & bangles from Godoulia and Thatheri Bazaar. The other items include gold & silver brocades,copper ware, brass ware, and toys made of wood and clay. One must carry home the sweet and sour 'Langda Aam', a variety of mango and the traditional Banarasi 'Paan' (Beetel leaf) should also be tried. Benares is well flavoured with a special extravagant Awadhi cuisine whose savoury and aroma quality is unparalleled. Thandai, a dry fruits mixed milk with fresh cream topping and Bhaang, an intoxicating drink is another kind of Benaras that one must try. Plan to visit this holy city with India Holiday Vacation.

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