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Sikkim Tour

The beautiful Sikkim situated in the east of Himalaya & spread below the mountain kanchendzonga (8534) is the third highest mountain in the world. Sikkim is honored by the Sikkimese as their defensive divinity. The area of Sikkim 7,300 kms - 114 kms from the north to south and 64 kms from east to west, the elevation ranges from 300 mts to over 8540 mts above the sea level.

Sikkim attracts her visitors with a singular and rare experience amidst the splendor of the mountain peaks, fast flowing rivers, hills & green valleys. In Sikkim, one can move within a matter of hours from the sub steamy heat of the lower valleys to the cold of the jagged mountain slopes and reach up to the area of everlasting snow. Sikkim seems a land of paradise of epic mounts like a god surrounded by smaller deities and one can take a glimpse from almost any part of Sikkim in good weather.

Mountain Tour
There are two mountain ranges: Singalila: on the western border and Chola: on the eastern border. The Singalila Range (8596 m) is a colossal drive of the Great Himalayas. A difficult mountain to climb due to random weather and winds but for those who cannot climb can enjoy from a, 5000m viewpoint at Geochela. The belief of sikkimese is that the mountains are not meant to be climbed but only to be worshiped.

Glaciers Tour
The most important Glaciers (a moving mountain in the ice) in Sikkim are Zemu Glacier, Rathong Glacier and the Lonak Glacier in North Sikkim. Zemu - the most famous glacier situated in a large U-shaped valley at the base of the Khangchendzonga massif is in the northwestern part of Sikkim. The Teesta River rises from the muzzle of this glacier.

Hot springs Tour
There are many hot springs that are widely known for its medicinal value and are considered holy as one of the four holy caves is situated here.

Yamthang hot spring is located 134 km away from Gangtok & at an altitude of 12,000 ft. The sulphuric water of this hot spring is used for taking a medicinal dip.

Phurchachu Reshi Hot Spring located about 25 km away from Gyalshing near Reshi is hardly ten minutes from the highway is Phurchachu springs with medicinal properties. The hot spring is ideal for skin disease.

Lakes Tour
The Lakes of Sikkim are both spring fed as well as river fed. The most famous lakes are:

Tsomgo lake - 'TSO' means lake and 'Mgo'means head. The serene and holy lake is located at an altitude of 12,000 ft on the Gangtok - Nathu La highway. The Tsomgo Lake is also famous for the home of brahmini ducks and for the various migratory birds. Tourist can see a variety of flowers in blooms, including the rhododendrons, various species of primulas, blue and yellow poppies, irises etc during summer months.

Menmecho lake - The beautiful lake, located at a distance of 20km from Tsomgo Lake, is the source of river Rangpo-chu. This lake is famous for a farm to cultivate these fish and its Troutto.

Khecheopalri Lake - Khechopalri a well known lake, that lies on a divergence of the route between Gyalshing and Yuksom . The sacred lake, located in rich forest cover, is the holy place for both, the Buddhist and the Hindus.

Karthok Lake - A festival held every year at Yukam Lake during December-January draws people from all over Sikkim draws people from all over Sikkim in connection with Karthok Lake.

Green Lake - The Green Lake is beautiful and fast developing into a take-off point for mountaineering expeditions to the peaks of this area.

Samiti Lake - a glacial lake in the Onglathang valley (a view from west sikkim). As you climb towards Gochala bypass and break to take a deep breath, you can enjoy the color of transparent turquoise of Lake Samiti.

Lakhimi pokhari and Tso Lhamu are another beautiful lake of Sikkim.

Passes Tour
On the Eastern Chola range, the most important passes are the Nathu La and Jelep La both at an altitude of about 15,0000 ft. and Bhutah La at an altitude of about 13,000 ft.

On the west boarder of Sikkim and Nepal, the most important pass is Chiwabhangjang that has an altitude of 10,300 ft. The other passes on the west is Kang La. In the north, one of the important passes is the Kongra La. The mountain ranges are interspersed with the passes that can be used to cross from one side to the other.

The River Teesta is flowing almost right across the length of Sikkim. Teesta originates from the Cholamu Lake where it is scarcely a stream. People cannot imagine that this inoffensive looking stream would transform into a thundering strong river less than a hundred kilometers downstream. Teesta is located at the border bifurcating Sikkim and West Bengal.

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